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John Catucci on the Food NetworkWildside Grill is extremely excited that we were featured in the 2013 season of John Catucci's "You Gotta Eat Here!".

Click here to watch the You Gotta "Eat Here!" episode with Wildside Grill.

This popular show, which airs on the Food Network, visited Wildside Grill in 2012 and had a great time filming and eating on the West Coast. Many Tofino locals were present during the shooting, telling stories while eating their favorite take out food in British Columbia.

The show's press release (January 17, 2013) featured a glowing review of the people, location and food that make up the Wildside experience.

Here's a snippet from the news:

[John Catucci] got to visit the Wildside Grill in Tofino, B.C., where chef Jesse Blake serves up a lunch menu based on what commercial fisherman Jeff Mikus catches in the morning. During Catucci's visit it was spot prawns.

"They're thick and meaty and juicy and sweet," said Catucci, waxing eloquent. "We got to have it fresh off the boat and we brought it back to the restaurant and they had a big boil for us. And it was incredible. So delicious.

"Those are the moments where you're like, 'We have a really good job. This is a really great job!'"

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